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British Boarding Scholarship Programme


Applications are now open for 2017-2018 British Boarding Scholarship Programme. 

Message to prospective parents living in the UK:

The next generation will grow up in a world where Asia is dominant in many areas and at Regent’s we are providing an opportunity to give British pupils a real advantage. We offer a British education in a safe, professional, supportive setting; we get excellent results and sent our students to the best universities in the UK and around the world.

If The Regent’s International School, Bangkok were a school in the UK it would be ranked in the top 20 of independent schools for its IB results. The school is number one in Thailand with some of best scores in South East Asia.

Benefits of taking the IB at Regent’s International Bangkok include:​

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to study at a fully accredited international school 
  • ​Join the list of ​graduates who ​have received places from top universities in the world  
  • ​Join our​ ‘global village’ and cultivate a world-view while still at school​
  • Enjoy living on a secure international co-educational campus in a beautiful tropical setting  
  • Experience the personal challenge of living away from home and enjoy the ​vibrancy of Eastern Asian and Thai culture 
  • Study for the ​IB Diploma and graduate with IB qualifications that​ have world-wide respect and international value
  • Have the opportunity of travelling both in Thailand and beyond through the Regent’s enrichment programmes 
  • Become a member of The Round Square, a network of only 150 high quality schools worldwide   
    Make friends with students of internationally oriented families  
    Increase opportunities for top university education whether in the UK or abroad.

There will also be 5 full scholarship places for exceptional young academics. 100% scholarships to study for the IB Diploma Programme will be made available to students of Olympiad standard.

How to apply

Please complete the school application form and send with reference to it being part of the UK scholarship scheme and for the attention of Headmaster Peter Hogan. Please indicate if you would like your child to be considered for an Olympiad Scholarships. Applicant will be contacted and arrangements made for a school assessment to be undertaken in your child’s school.

Questions and Concerns
Mr Hogan and his staff are very happy to discuss the school and scheme with applicants via Skype at any time or in the UK in January

For more information contact
Telephone: 02 957 5777 ext. 202
Mobile: 092 362 8888