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BYOD Policy


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At Regent’s we are proud to be utilising the digital tools available to us in our everyday teaching and learning in and outside the classroom. Mobile computing has never been cheaper, easier to use or more useful than it is today. Whether it is used for researching, presenting, investigating or communicating, digital technology puts students more in control of their learning. It is for this reason that we have integrated portable computing into lessons in Upper Key Stage 2 and throughout the Secondary School. We encourage students to use technology safely to help them learn independently and interactively, in collaboration with their classmates and in communication with their teachers. Our aim is to make students confident and effective technology users who can apply their skills to improve their learning, in line with our guiding statements.

YearDevice RequiredFurther Information
5 & 6iPads 
7Laptop or iPadIf an iPad then an external keyboard would be useful and help with typing speed.
8 & 9Laptop 
10 & 11Laptop 
12 & 13Laptop 

We will be using Google Apps for Education as our platform for staff and students. This will mean students can be in touch with their school work wherever they are, no need for thumb drives – their work will always be secure and available from the cloud. They will also have a school email address which gives them more security in communication with others in the school community. This initiative keeps The Regent’s International School, Bangkok at the forefront of cloud computing for students in Bangkok. They will have anywhere, anytime access to learning so they can grow and develop into confident, skilful well rounded leaders of a digital future.