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Secondary School Homework


Homework is given for many reasons. An important part of a young person’s education is to develop the self-discipline, motivation, inquisitiveness, perseverance and organisational skills to be able to learn and work independently. Homework is used to develop these attributes as well as to consolidate knowledge gained through lessons.

All students are issued with homework diaries that must be kept up to date. Homework is also set in your child’s google classroom.  The teacher and tutor will check diary entries regularly and parents should also check to see whether there are messages to them contained in the comments. The homework diary is an important communication tool between parents, teachers and students. Homework and assignments will be checked and recorded, but not necessarily graded. The teachers will have efficient systems for checking to see that the homework is completed to an acceptable standard.


Homework will sometimes be given during holiday times particularly for KS4 IGCSE and KS5 IBDP students.  A homework timetable will be distributed at the beginning of the year and is found on our VLE.

  • Year 7-9 students will get two to three homeworks per day, each lasting about 30 minutes.
  • Year 10-11 students will get two to three homeworks per day, each lasting about 45 minutes.
  • Year 12-13 students should expect two to three hours of study a day.

Recommended Reading


Subject teachers are available to support your child at specific times.  We offer support after school from 3.10pm until 4.00pm in the lower foyer.  We have a fantastic library and dedicated librarian.  Our Learning Support Teacher is available to support students before and after school. The Regent’s International School also use email, google classrooms and our own VLE to further support learning and homework.