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Regent's Bangkok School
Regent's Bangkok School

Private Tutoring


Private tutoring for all students

Regent's Bangkok now offers private and group tutoring for students of age 3 - 18 years. With the expertise of Regent's teachers students can design their own class and excel in the subject of their choice. 

The course is open to all the students in Bangkok. Subjects currently offered include Math, English, Science, and Humanities.

Fee Structure

For one-on-one tutoring

PackageQTS Rate
1-hour lesson1,750 Baht/hr
20 lessons (1 hour each)
(5% discount)
1,662.50/hr = 33,250 Baht

Group tutoring (2-4 students)

PackageQTS Rate
1-hour lesson1,000 Baht/hr per person
20 lessons (1 hr each)
(5% discount)
950 Baht/hr = 19,000 Baht per person


Fee Structure

For one-on-one tutoring for Thai class

1-hour lesson800 Baht/ hr per person

Application form

For more information, please contact


Call: 02 957 5777 ext. 623