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Regent's Alumni are incredibly important individuals as its through their stories that we learn what Regent's truly stands for

With just over 20 years of providing top quality education Regent’s is a comparatively young school. Despite this, Regent’s Alumni are already making names for themselves around the world with successes both at top universities and within their chosen careers.

Ex-Regent’s pupils have been to known to graduate from universities such as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Berkeley University in America.

The various Career paths reflect the internationally diverse Alumni all of whom we are proud of. 

If you're a Regent's Alumni we want to here from you! Let us know what journey you've been on since you've left school, how you're doing and what you have planned. We want to share your stories as we're proud of all of our students that have passed through Regent's doors! 

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Alumni Stories

Pornpilas Srithawong (Christy)

Christy (Pornpilas Srithawong) graduated from Regent’s International School with an IB Diploma.  She recalls being extremely pleased at how helpful  all the staff were with many academic challenges she faced and how supportive they were through the stressful process of applying to universities. 
The IB coordinator and careers advisor encouraged her to aim high for universities such as Cambridge, UCL and UC Berkley and to also apply to more modest institutions.  Christy accepted a place at the University of California, Berkley where she obtained a degree in molecular and cell biology as well as a degree in French.  She also studied two Minors in public policy and in conflict studies and made the conscious decision to change her career path from medicine to international policy.  
Christy believes her time at Regent’s helped her create a good foundation to pursue a career outside of her intended path.  She currently aspires to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Policy or International Relations and in a few years time to work with an international organization such as the United Nations.
Suchaya Mahattanatan (Mint)

Moving from a Thai school to an International one is a now well established journey. However for an exceptional academic in their mother tongue making the change to English at 16 and facing a new curriculum is a phenomenal achievement. Suchaya Mahattanatan (Mint) did just this, moving to Regent’s International School, Bangkok to follow her dream to become a medical scientist. (Read More) 

Dr. Natthapoj Trakulphaketkrai

All schools hope to nurture a love of learning and there can be few better examples than Regent’s graduate Natthapoj Trakulphadetkrai. After taking full advantage of life at a superb international school he won a scholarship to Brunel University London. A Master’s degree from University of Oxford followed by the second Master's from UCL and later a Doctorate from University of Cambridge. Now Dr. Natthapoj is one of the academic staff at the University of Reading, UK. He is also the youngest executive committee member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics.

Dr. Natthapoj looks back fondly on his time as boarder at Regent’s International School and attributes much of his success to his formative years in the school. Regent’s has a commitment to creating the next generation of well-rounded leaders and many of these opportunities shaped Dr. Natthapoj’s attitudes and his approach to life. He was house prefect, student president and took on a number of other significant roles helping to bring out the best in his fellow students.

Regent’s International School is one of the few Round Square schools in Asia providing unique opportunities for students. Through this Round Square network they are able to access a range of practical activities and programmes that build character, global awareness and confidence, instilling values for positive and active citizenship, whilst also developing exceptional leadership skills. Dr. Natthapoj feels he owes a great deal to the schools commitment to the IDEALS, that is Internationalism, Democracy, the Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.  In addition the school gave him to chance to perfect his English to the level that would allow him to study at two of the best universities in the world. Now, at the age of 33 with a superb academic background and a commitment to helping others, Dr. Natthapoj is teaching the next generation of students who see to make the best of their opportunities. (Read More)

HE Hayk Harutyunyan

Hayk graduated from Regent's International School with IB Diploma in 2014.  After his second degree with honour from Cambridge University, Hayk worked in the Ministry of Defense in Armenia. Due to his competence and well rounded personality, he quickly moved up his career ladder.
One promotion led to the other and finally in 2014 at the age of 28, only 10 years after he left Regent's, he was appointed the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia. He now aims to be the  Prime Minister of Armenia before he turns 40. 

Sally Atchara Hinke

Sally is currently studying in University of British Columbia majoring in Forensic Psychology and a BA honours. She studied at Regents for good 5 years and graduated with an IB Diploma. Here is what she has to say about the IBDP Programme.

IB diploma will really prepare you to learn how to work under pressure, manage your time, think critically and analytically. If you do very well in your courses especially the HL ones, you will have a high chance of getting transfer credits and skip first year courses and save your money or find that first year university courses quite fairly easy because you already spent 2 years in IB learning it.

  • Thinking of my classmates and teachers now brings back a lot of good memories Liina Tiri, Ex-student from Estonia 2004-06

  • 95%of students go on to University