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Welcome to all potential applicants. All current vacancies are listed at the bottom of the page but we ask all applicants to take the time to read the message from Mr. Peter Hogan, Principal of the school, and the information on the school, how to apply and what to expect from life in Bangkok.

Message to all applicants

Information about the school is available throughout this website and applicants are also encouraged to view our Facebook pages and other social media. Inevitably job descriptions are somewhat generic but they do give a clear indication about the challenges and opportunities within each role. These are also available on the website along with an online application form. If you would like to be considered for one of this year’s vacancies please complete the application form and send an accompanying letter to the school. We understand and respect the sensitivities that surround some applications so please let us know if you would prefer advanced notification should we wish to contact your referees. One of these referees should be your current (or most recent) employer.

Regent’s International School has a lower than average turnover of teaching staff, a strong collegiate spirit and a pupil-centred approach to decision making. Initial contracts are offered for two years and many staff stay longer.   However the movement of teachers is inevitable in the international sector and every year we face the challenge of recruiting high-calibre, well-qualified individuals to join us. We are recruiting at the moment and the full list of available jobs along with the selection procedure is on the website.

Bangkok is a remarkable city; Thailand is an inspirational, exciting and very interesting country to explore and enjoy. Many staff are attracted by what they think they know of the country but stay for many years as they realise it has so much more to offer. Thailand provides a high quality of life to a dynamic and varied population. There is great respect for the teaching profession in the wider community with pupils showing great commitment and dedication. The cost of living is not particularly high and the opportunity for travel are extensive.

We look forward to receiving completed application forms from well-qualified, highly motivated, professionally minded teachers. Ours is a school a little different to many larger-scale, commercially minded international schools and much of this is due to the inspirational work of our teachers.

Yours faithfully,

Peter A Hogan
B Com, PGCE, MA.



To apply for any of the job vacancies listed please download,
complete and save this form (PDF or Microsoft Word)
and e-mail it to 

Safer Recruitment Policy


Primary Thai Teacher

Primary Thai Teacher/Coordinator 

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities:

  • Thai Language & Cultural Lessons/ Teaching
  • Annual Development Plan & long-term planning as a guidance for the department development
  • Oversee activities related to Thai culture/festival and field trip, drafting the activities project and report the outcome for SARS/ Learning Quality Assurance
  • Meet with other departments and pass on minutes to the team for implementation
  • Department regular meeting & minutes
  • Filing lesson plans - language & culture
  • Other related duties assigned by the Deputy/ Heads



  • Bachelor Degree or higher in Thai Language Education (Thai Language, English, Education, Language/Linguistics, or any related field)
  • At least 3-4 years of teaching experiences 
  • Male or Female aged 27-50
  • Teaching experiences in the international schools is preferred


Application process:

A letter of application and completed application form to be sent to Mr Peter Hogan, Principal, at . A CV can be attached. Full details of the application process and other information can be found on our  school website. Interviews will take place via Skype on a rolling basis with the Head of Primary and face-to-face with the Principal in Bangkok. The school reserves the right to appoint a suitable candidate at any time.

Staff Testimonials: Teaching at Regent’s International Bangkok

After teaching at Regent’s for 6 weeks

“I feel that all of the staff, from the teachers to the administration staff to the support staff, have all been very friendly.  I can see already that whenever help is needed there is also someone to turn to and if that person cannot help they will always point you in the right direction. I feel that The Regent’s is a big enough school to compete at the highest levels, both academically and sportingly, but is also small enough to care for each and every pupil and staff member. I feel I am part of a team and not just a number.

Everyone is very professional and caring and I can already see this fosters great enthusiasm across the whole school. Each and every person at The Regent’s works hard and puts in the effort to ensure the pupils succeed. I like the way that the senior management have taken an interest in my wellbeing and have been helpful to ensure a smooth start to my role. Already I can feel that CPD is important to the school which brings great confidence to me.

I have enjoyed my first six weeks at school due to the feeling of being included in everything from day one. I can see it is a culture of work hard and work harder, but in a relaxed environment whereby you are left to control your own classroom in your own style. I like the feeling of being part of a community and of sharing ideas and communication, not just within my department but throughout all the departments. Each department interacts with and bounces ideas off each other.

In conclusion, I would say that my first six weeks have been challenging, busy, demanding and exhausting. However, I would also say that they have been enjoyable, fulfilling and fun and I am really looking forward to a long stay at The Regent’s.”

After teaching at Regent’s for 6 weeks

“Having recently left a large, high performing academy in London the first thing that struck me about Regent’s was its size.  Compared to my previous schools, Regent’s is a very small school. Far from being a disadvantage, this allows teachers to support students with a level of care not possible in a school with 240 students per year group.  I was aware instantly that the students at Regent’s are known well by all teachers who are able to provide a caring and nurturing environment in which to learn.  With a class of fewer than 20 students (in some cases fewer than 15) each student in my class gets individual support and feedback every single lesson.

As a teacher at Regent’s I feel valued as a professional and I am trusted to personalise my lessons in the way I see fit for the students in my class.  The atmosphere is very much one of support but not scrutiny.  Outside of the classroom, the staff at Regent’s are welcoming and relaxed - this has been incredibly beneficial in my transition from the UK to Bangkok.

Moving to the most important resource in the school: the students at Regent’s are hardworking and eager to learn.  Lessons are rarely disrupted as students have a shared desire to achieve and build positive relationships with their peers and teachers.  Students are independent in their enquiries and supportive in their collaborations with each other.”

After teaching at Regent’s for 2 Years

“Teaching a range of subjects at KS3 at the Regent’s International School has given me a great opportunity to develop an excellent working relationship with all my pupils. If I had to sum up our school in one phrase it would be that Regent’s is a happy place. We have happy students and happy teachers and that’s a very special thing to have in a school. Not only are our students happy, but they are also hard-working. Here at Regent’s lesson time is always learning time, with no disruption, no time wasting and no negative behaviour.

Our students try hard, stay on task, aim to improve, and listen to advice and instruction. Good students encourage good teachers to try harder-we all try to do our very best every day, and we encourage the students to do the same. My working days here at the Regent’s school include lots of laughter and fun-filled lessons and I look forward to coming to work here every day.”

After teaching at Regent’s for 2 Years

“Teaching at Regent’s International School is like teaching at no other school. The friendly environment immediately puts you at ease, as the students smile at you as they pass they make you feel extremely comfortable and confident in your teaching space. It is encouraged at Regent’s to inspire and motivate your students on a daily basis. Your fellow teachers are friendly, helpful and approachable. Working with like-minded individuals across the staffing body enables you to think outside the box and push your limits. With supportive senior management and a dedicated pastoral team, you are working in a pleasant, caring environment. The young people themselves thrive on innovative thinking and are keen to be challenged. Although the student body has a strong Asian background, they are a confident and cohesive group, who I have witnessed welcome individuals from all ethnicities and backgrounds from across the world. With a genuine interest, the students are inquisitive and extremely receptive to new ideas and cultures.

A highlight of my experience at Regent’s International School has been through the involvement in whole school events, particularly the traditional Thai celebrations including Wai Kru, Loy Krathong and Songkran. As truly unique traditions to Thailand, the school opens you up to new opportunities, including the Loy Krathong new staff dance! Certainly something I will never forget!”

After teacher at Regent’s for 4 years

 “Teaching at The Regent’s has similarities to teaching in the UK. The school has the same high expectations of staff and students. Here, the students and teachers perform their very best all of time. Our superb iGCSE and IB results reflect the commitment and dedication of the teachers and students alike.

The workload is pretty much full throttle throughout the academic year. This in itself is motivating, there is never a dull moment working here. Along with the classes we teach, teachers also participate in a lot of House events, which typically take place during brake or lunch times. Additionally, there are activities before and after school every day for both teachers and students to participate in.

Teaching at the Regent’s is not a typical work day, teachers want to do more than just teach their subject, and there are many opportunities to do so. I also coach swimming lessons before school; this allows me to see students I may not otherwise teach. Teaching at the Regent’s is more rewarding than teaching anywhere else, there is a real feeling of belonging and the staff and students take pride in being part of the Regent’s community."

Information: Selection Procedure

Selection procedure

  • Applicants are asked to complete the school application form and send in a letter in support of their application. Please keep the letter to within 1,000 words.
  • All application forms will be scrutinised and all letters read before deciding on a short list.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified and interviewed. Interviews will take place in London and Bangkok and via Skype/FaceTime.
  • References will be called for prior to interview and only with the consent of applicants


Information: Living in Bangkok

Cost of living in Thailand and Bangkok 2016 (from


Even the more expensive day trips and tours are relatively affordable and most of the entrance fees to major attractions are just a few hundred baht. The added cost of an experienced tour guide can be well worth it.


Outdoor markets guarantee cheap prices. Popular items such as sunglasses, flip flops, jewelry, t-shirts, wallets, hats, bags, postcards, headphones, ornaments, toiletries and stationary can all be found for less than 100 baht, depending on quality. Expect prices to jump as soon as you step foot inside one of the city’s shiny new malls, with international clothing and electrical brands offering the same sort of prices as anywhere else in the world.

Thai Food

Street food starts at 30-60 baht and you pay closer to 100 baht per dish if the restaurant is new and has air-conditioning. Some of the more upscale and creative Thai restaurants in Bangkok can charge more like 2,000 baht per head for a set dinner. 

Travel (Bus, BTS, Taxi)

When getting around Bangkok, there are several options, including the bus, BTS Skytrain, MRT Underground, taxis or private taxi companies. Buses in Bangkok charge 6.5-22 Baht per journey, the BTS Skytrain is 15-55 Baht per journey and taxis have a starting fee of 35 baht + 6 baht per kilometer.


Hotels are cheap; modern, clean and safe dorm rooms start from as little as 300 baht, economy private double rooms start from around 1,000 baht, and you can often steal a luxurious five-star room for less than 3,000 baht a night!

Travelling around Thailand

Travelling around Thailand is cheap and easy. The most affordable way to escape Bangkok is by heading to one of the nearby beach destinations via minivan. Those looking to go further afield to Chiang Mai in the north or the islands in the south also have the option of getting a cheap overnight bus or train, with tickets costing as little as 500 baht. Domestic flights can also be snapped up typically for around 1,000-3,000 baht.

Cost of living: Bangkok compared to Manchester and London *

  • Consumer Prices are 45% lower than in Manchester and 50% lower than in London
  • Consumer Prices Including rent are 40% lower than in Manchester and 60% lower than in London
  • Rent Prices are 32% lower than in Manchester and 73% lower than in London
  • Restaurant Prices  are 72% lower than in Manchester and 75% lower than in London
  • Groceries Prices in Bangkok are 35% lower than in Manchester and 27% lower than in London

*Source Numbeo November 2016

Thailand video archive from

  • 100%IB Diploma pass rate.