Regent's Bangkok School
Regent's Bangkok School
Regent's Bangkok School

CIS and ONESQA Inspection Report


Five-year review by the Council of International Schools and ONESQA

Executive summary

Purpose and progress

This visit is the midway point in a 10 year journey for Regent's International School, Bangkok. Its primary function is to monitor progress and development since the last visit. From this perspective the visit was a great success and extremely positive.


  1. Visitors felt that the school has come a long way since the first visit five years ago.
  2. Visiting classes was a pleasure and students were consistently constructively engaged in their own learning.
  3. The environment is focused on the school mission and in providing students with a positive learning environment.
  4. There are clear and important connections with internationalism.
  5. There is an appreciation for Thai culture throughout the school.

More details of comments by visitors

  1. The school has responded to recommendations made following the first visit.
  2. The recent reunification of primary and secondary schools on the Rama 9 campus has provided impetus renewed focus on progression.
  3. Under the leadership of the new Principal the school is beginning a thorough review of its mission and vision.
  4. The refurbishing of the boarding houses is significant and impressive. The boarding facilities are an area of strength and very well equipped.
  5. The school has a very clear strategy for communicating important and essential information.
  6. The Round Square philosophy is embedded in school life and spoken about positively enthusiastically by students, parents and teachers.
  7. Thai nationals and foreign learners demonstrate good attitudes towards Thai culture and participate in various Thai activities.
  8. Thai learning projects have been created to meet the school mission and help students become good people who care for each other. Thai teachers demonstrate knowledge, understanding and good practices.
  9. Students demonstrate good citizenship and manners towards each other, share mutual respect and speak politely and appropriately.
  10. Students are bright and empowered in many constructive ways. This is a strength of this school.