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English Language Development


At Regent’s we want our students to be more than just fluent speakers; we want them to be fluent communicators.

Our English Language Development programme is taught by fully dedicated specialist English teachers who accelerate their language acquisition until they are ready to enter mainstream classes. What this means is assigned time in classes that focus solely on this aim and purpose.

This structure sees students who arrive to the school with little or no English proficiency gain and development English language fluency that allows them to take on the English national curriculum with ease and integrate with their international peers.

IELD/ELD Procedures

All new Regent’s Primary students are tested for English language proficiency by the Admissions department. 

Students with English proficiency levels below their year level, will be assigned to either the IELD program for intensive English or the ELD program for their Language Arts lessons. 

Intensive English Language Development

The IELD class is for students who are new to English and have little or no English language proficiency. 

  • They will be withdrawn from the mainstream class 18 periods per week and be given individualised, explicit English language instruction by an IELD specialist. 
  • During and towards the end of each term, the IELD teacher administers a series of listening, speaking, reading, and writing tests and then collaborates with the mainstream teacher to determine if the student can graduate to the ELD programme or should remain in the IELD programme for another term. 

English Language Development

The ELD classes are for students who already have some English language proficiency, but are still behind their year group. 

  • All students assigned to the ELD department will be tested by the ELD teachers and assigned to either the beginner, intermediate, or advanced ELD class. 
  • The ELD students will be withdrawn from mainstream Language Arts lessons 7 hours per week and be given explicit, differentiated English language instruction by an ELD specialist.  
  • During, and towards the end of each term, the ELD teacher administers listening, speaking, reading, and writing tests and then collaborates with colleagues to determine whether the ELD student is ready to advance to the next ELD class level or exit the ELD programme. 
  • If the ELD and mainstream class teacher believe that the student may be ready to exit the ELD programme, the student will be given a one week trial in the mainstream class to determine whether the student can function in the mainstream class without further ELD support or should return to the ELD programme for another term. 
  • If the student passes the one week trial, they will be exited from the ELD programme.

Our Primary IELD and ELD programs are very successful.  Last year, 15 students graduated from the ELD program to the mainstream class and 14 children graduated from the IELD program to the ELD program.

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  • I really think Mitsu's change and English language skills is owed a lot to the caring staff and the life at the boarding house. Satoko Kiyohara, Mother of Boarding student

  • 100%of main teachers are native English speakers majority (85%) from the UK

  • 100%Teachers are QTS qualified or equivalent