Regent's Bangkok School
Regent's Bangkok School
Regent's Bangkok School

About Bangkok


Bangkok is an exciting and vibrant city rich with culture and tradition where life is enhanced by the welcoming nature of Thai people.

With a plethora of  activities to choose from and a variety of cultural locations to visit, not only are our Boarders never bored they also have the chance to develop a mindset that is open-minded, global and has a deep understanding of the importance cultural respect.

Known in Thai as “Krung Tep”, the city is currently home to around 14 million people.

Fear that Bangkok is too removed from nature? Fear not! Those who love the great outdoors may find it hard to believe that their passions can be catered for in such a vast metropolis. Areas such as Bangkrachao, nicknamed "The Green Lung" provide a beautiful tropical backdrop for cycling adventures and rock-climbing, trekking and hiking can be found only an hour away. 

The combination of the Thai love for food and the many different nationalities that settle in the city has resulted Bangkok’s reputation of a food tourist’s dream. All sorts of different cuisines can be found in the Thai capital sending tastebuds on a trip across the world. However, Thai food alone can be satisfying enough as balance, detail and variety are of paramount  significance to Thai chefs.